History and development


          I. From 1966 to 1975
              HMC, formerly known as the Medical Staff School was established on 18 March 1966, and then it is merged with Hanoi Medical School to become Hanoi Medical College. In spite of accumulative difficulties and extreme shortage of lecturers; syllabuses; teaching methods, lecturers and students of the College have worked very hard to fulfill all tough tasks. Accordingly, the first medical course was successfully graduated two years later, and the staffs of the first course worked in medical facilities for people’s healthcare. Particularly, along with teaching and studying works, we always support for disease hygiene and prevention of the medical sector.
              In the fierce war against American Imperialism, the College had evacuated in various places such as Ngo Sy Lien, 92 Tran Hung Dao, Tu Liem, Gia Lam, Dong Anh. In spite of numerous difficulties, teachers and learners always fulfilled their tasks including the recruitment, public relations and hygiene works in disease prevention. Also, the College involved in training programs for students from Republic of Laos, King of Cambodia, official dispatch to work in Angola, Iraq, Algeria, and Germany. Moreover, the College has been assigned to train two-year-and-half nurses to provide the South and medical facilities including factories and entities. In such period, the college had raised its movements “doubled the work for blooded South” were boomed up. Apart from emulation movement of good teaching and good learning, we actively rescued victims from the enemy’s aircrafts in Duc Giang store, supported Song Cau defense route, embanked dyke in Day River; To Lich River... A lot of teachers and students volunteered to join army, some of whom was just conferred the graduate degree and eagerly go to South battle. The College was highly appreciated not only its education and service for the war, but also struggle for challenges and difficulties by Hanoi City Party, Hanoi People’s Committee, and Hanoi Department of Health. It’s our pride in these honorable traditions in the period of the Anti-American Resistance war to affirm our love and sacrifice for beloved students. It is the ideal of life and noble quality of teachers and physicians. At the present, we will never forget such good traditions and non-stop its preservation and promotion.

              II. From 1976 to 2005
              After the Liberation of the Southern Vietnam, the country has been unified and stepped up toward a new development period. Many lecturers have been assigned to train medical staffs in Lam Dong and Kon Tum Provinces. Apart from training nurses, midwives in the Intermediate level, the College has trained general physicians, physicians oriented traditional medicine, obstetrics, preventive medicine to provide them to medical facilities in Hanoi, especially in remote hamlets and communes to satisfy increasingly social demands on health care.

              III. From 2006 up to now
              According to Decision No.706/QĐ-BGD&ĐT dated April 10th 2006 by Ministry of Education and Training, the school was upgraded to HMC to train medical staffs at College level. Since its establishment, Schemes of the College have been carried out and approved to open new fields in: Nursing, Medical Image Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Midwifery, and Pharmacy. Besides, the College is further training medical staffs at the Intermediate level. Parallel to teaching and personnel recruitments, the College has focused on improving the teaching qualification, appointing lecturers to attend the abroad and domestic training course and upgrading teaching aids in the response with increasingly advanced science level.
              Currently, the College consists of nine (9) functional divisions, three (3) groups, three (3) faculties and eighteen (18) departments. There are one hundred and ninty-seven (197) staffs and officers in the College, of which seventy percent (70%) of the post-graduate and one hundred percent (100%) of the qualified and over the standard frame of   Ministry of Education and Training. Moreover, over sixty (60) guest lecturers as PhD, Master, Doctor, and Bachelor are working in central and local hospitals in Hanoi. In the training scale, there are nearly four thousand (4000) students, including two thousand and seven hundred (2700) students at college level.

    Honorary titles:
         - Labor Order, first Class, second class and third class.
         - Emulation Flag of the Government, Merit of the Government
         - The Party Committee of the College gains the title of "Transparent and Strong Party" in many years.
         - The College Union obtains the title of “Outstanding Performance”.
         - The College’s Youth Union is awarded merits by the Government and the Central Union. The School gains the title of advanced and outstanding unit.
         - The College is offered Emulation Flag, merits and other titles by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Health, People’s Committee of Hanoi City.