Welcome message from rector


              Dear all!

              First of all, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Hanoi Medical College, I would like to express my warm greetings and profound gratitude to all officers, lecturers, and students who have contributed to the fruitfulness and achievements of Hanoi Medical College (HMC).

              With over fifty (50) years of development, HMC has improved material facilities and modern teaching equipment, and dedicated and enthusiastic staffs. Furthermore, the college always pays much more attention to develop the qualification of the staffs to gain high quality and effectiveness in teaching.

              Structurally, HMC has nine (9) functional divisions, three (3) groups, three (3) faculties, eighteen (18) departments and one hundred and ninety-seven (197) staffs, public servants and officers. Among these well-qualified lecturers, seventy percent (70%) reached post-graduate level, one hundred percent (100%) obtained the standard and above regarding the professional qualification regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training. Besides, HMC has sixty (60) guest lecturers titled Professor, Associate Professor, PhD, Master, Doctor and Bachelor. They are working in central and local hospitals in Hanoi.

              The training scale: HMC is training over four thousand (4000) students, of which two thousand and seven hundred (2700) college students are studying in majors such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Medical Image Technology and about one thousand and three hundred (1300) students are studying in other fields.

              In the near future, HMC will be upgraded to become Medical - Pharmaceutical University with multi-sectorial and training fields to provide more healthcare staffs who are able to meet the healthcare demands of the society wherever and whenever needed. With the current competitive environment, it is necessary for HMC to perform the following tasks:

              Developing and training staff and lecturers according to the national and international standards
              Innovating programs and teaching methods to enhance training quality; Formulate College development plans toward multi-sector and inter-college transfer technology with the aim of meeting broad study requirements of the society.
              Fostering scientific research works, creating favorable conditions for staffs to attend the researches and scientific and technological transfer scientific technology for localities and applying its results in the reality.
              Enhancing and expanding international cooperation relations to improve training quality and scientific researches.

              For these current achievements, HMC has been interested and supported  fruitfully by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Health, Hanoi People’s Committee, Hanoi Department of Home Affairs, Hanoi Department of Education and Training, relevant entities, Central and Local Hospitals. We are respectfully grateful for such enormous assistance and hope for further encouragements from domestic and international Leaders, Entities, Organizations and Individuals.

              Yours faithfully,