Mission and vision


              With the long-standing history, HMC has been one of the leading colleges in terms of education and training in Vietnam. Thanks to great contributions to the development and national defense, both individuals and entities of the College have been conferred remarkably honorary titles and noble rewards by the Communist Party.

              The mission of HMC follows the education and training sector and health sector of Vietnam. This mission is to fully equip students with effective education programs for their development of practical capacity and thorough knowledge of Culture, Politics, and specialties. After graduation, students will be mature in thinking, fluent in communication, and knowledgeable of trained specialties, health status, nursing skills for individuals, people, and the community in the on-going society.


              HMC’s vision is to strive for Medical - Pharmaceutical University with multi-fields to provide skillful and knowledgeable physicians for not only Hanoi but also the whole country to fulfill their tasks and satisfy the best health care demands of People wherever and whenever needed in fiercely competitive environment.

              CORE VALUES:
              - Trust and pride of lecturers and students about good traditions and prestige of the College in terms of staff training works.
              - Good awareness of Lecturers and students of the responsibilities for inheriting and promoting good traditions of the College.
              - Profound understanding and willingness of each lecturer and staff for completing both noble tasks as: Teacher – Physician, respected by the whole society.
              - Qualified lecturers and managers are continuously improved in the course of HMC’s construction and development.
              - Long-term fruitful cooperation with medical facilities at central level and in Hanoi.