• Time of review and examination: five (5) credits (review: four (4) credits and examination: one (1) credit)
    Time of examination: According to regulations of Ministry of Education and Training
    Form of graduation examination includes examination of fundamental subjects (Marxism - Leninism – Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology) and examination of professional education knowledge (including 2 parts: theory and practice, examination results of each part are independent).
    4.1. Graduation examination of the module of Marxism - Leninism – Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology: According to Ministry of Education and Training.
    + Form: Writing
    + Examination time: 150 – 180 minutes
    + Contents: Include the knowledge of the modules: Basic Principles of Marxism - Leninism, Revolutionary Lines of the Vietnam Communist Party and Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology.
    + Time of exam: Depend on specific conditions, the school can organize graduation examination of this module immediately after completion of the module or together with the professional education modules.
    + Graduation Examination score of modules of Marxism - Leninism – Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology: Is the condition for graduation consideration for students.
    4.2. Specialized theory exam: Examination in writing form of essay questions combining with multiple choice questions.
    + The knowledge including: Fundamental knowledge and specialized knowledge. Total of twenty (20) credits (The contents of graduation exam review are decided by the Rector and will be notified to Departments and students in semester II of the third year).
    + Fundamental Knowledge
    + Specialized Knowledge
    + Time of theory exam: 50 – 180 minutes
    4.3. Practice exam:
    + Skill exam: Students draw to perform a nursing technique on specific patients or perform nursing techniques on models in the form of multiple stations practice examination (OSPI).
    + Care plan: Students draw a specific patient to conduct the assessment and nursing diagnosis, prepare and perform care plan.
    + Pay attention to assess communication skill, analytical skill, decision making and problem solving of students.
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