1. Ass.Prof./Dr. Ta Van Binh, Party Secretary, Rector
              Phone Number:
              - The Rector is the legal representative of the College; takes the responsibilities for managing HMC’s operations under Vietnam laws, Regulations of the College, statutes and regimes approved by state entities; has rights and obligations as assigned by the College.
              - In direct charge of: Administrative Organization Division, Finance-Accounting Division; Training Division and Inspection, Educational Testing and Quality Assurance Division.

    2. Nguyen Xuan Binh (MA), Vice-Secretary of Party Committee, Vice-Rector and Chairman of Union
              Phone number:
              Email: binh.caodangytehanoi@gmail
              - Assist the Rector in logistic works, college’s material facilities;
              - In direct charge of: Division of Life Management; Medical Equipment Division; Medical Station; Printing Group and serving teachers group;
              - Welcome Staffs of charity units coming to the College with the aim of charity, social sponsor, etc.
              - Fulfill other tasks assigned by the Rector;
              - Represent for the Rector to deal with tasks assigned by the Rector and take the responsibilities for all results.

    3. Pham Van Tan (MA), Party Member, Vice-Rector
              Phone number:
              - Assist the Rector in the implementation of training and science researching plans;
              - In direct charge of: Faculty of General Medicine; Faculty of Basic Science; Scientific Management Division, Technology - Information, Libraries & International Cooperation Division; Student Affairs Divisions, and Technician Group for Practical Teaching.
              - Take the responsibilities for clinical practice;
              - Conduct other tasks assigned by the Rector;
              - On behalf of the Rector to fulfill tasks assigned by the Rector and take the responsibilities for all results.